CFFC – Debt Empire mobile game

Play the role of a loan shark on a quest for debt domination. Lend money, get paid, build your business through tricks of the trade and invest in tools that grow revenue. Celebrate your success through a Facebook leader-board and enjoy the fruits of your labour by splashing your cash on bling, fast cars, helicopters and tropical islands.

NZ Airforce – Step Up online game

The interactive game allows users to queue up for a spot in the game via YouTube. Once you get your turn, you can pick a mission and then "fly" your helicopter through dangerous terrain to complete it. You remotely control a webcam that is actually flying through small, 3D models of the New Zealand terrain, which are housed in an Air Force base in New Zealand.

David Hunter

A seasoned digital practitioner with a background working in digital agencies such as Saatchi & Saatchi, Colenso 99, DDB, and more. David is the hands-on digital design type sharp on the tools (Creative Suite, Sketch, etc), an ideas man, strong with creative/digital campaigns and outputs.

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